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Rumor: New Command & Conquer site goes live, disappears


Electronic Arts apparently flipped the switch on a new Command and Conquer website today before intended, deciding shortly after that it wasn't too keen on sharing it with the world. Rock Paper Shotgun spotted the site, which announced the project is being developed by EA's newly dubbed Victory Games, a collaboration between three studios in Los Angeles, Texas and Shanghai.

Victory Games will apparently be headed by Jon Van Caneghem, an executive who "transitioned out" of his role as Trion World Networks president and chief creative officer in April of 2009. According to RPS, before the information was pulled, there was an "interview" with Caneghem on the site that noted the new title was for PC and that a formal announcement was coming later this year. We'll likely get more details when EA commands the web team to conquer the publish button.

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