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The Legend of Zelda turns 25 today, celebrate in your own special way


We're wishing a happy 25th birthday today to one of gaming's seminal works: The Legend of Zelda. On February 21, 1986, Nintendo released the game in Japan, and since then we've all hunted down keys, slashed monsters with Master Swords, and bought bombs from random old men. The series has spanned more than 15 games, countless comics and spin-offs, and even -- excuuuse me princess -- a TV series.

You've got a few options for celebration: Maybe make a Triforce cake to eat, browse through this gallery of Zelda oddities or this video retrospective series, or watch the TV shows, all available on Hulu. Us? We'll be watching old Zelda commercials on YouTube. In the wise words of the rapping nerd, "It's The Legend of Zelda, and it's really rad."

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