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TUAW's Daily App: Full Deck Solitaire


A solitaire game? That's what you're probably asking out loud right now, since a) there are a ton of solitaire games on the App Store, and b) I haven't had a lot of luck picking your favorites in the past. But there's a reason Full Deck Solitaire is here, and his name is Graeme Devine.

Devine is a highly experienced game developer who designed the classic 7th Guest game, worked on Quake 3 Arena, and also worked as Ensemble Studios on Halo Wars, Microsoft's console RTS title. Devine knows how to make great games, yet he's released this, Full Deck Solitaire, under his own personal GRL Games studio.

The story behind Full Deck Solitaire is a pretty personal one for Devine, who wanted to make a casual title that his own family could enjoy. Full Deck Solitaire offers 22 versions of solitaire to play, smart hints when you get stuck and lots of customization, including the ability to put your own photos in the background or on the cards. Stats track all of your scores, and full Game Center integration lets you watch friends over the leaderboards.

The game's available on the iPad right now for the low price of absolutely free, or you can check out the Mac App Store version. Not only is this an excellent solitaire app by a developer who's been around the block before, but it's a nice personal story for him as well.

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