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Apple reportedly schedules all-hands retail meeting for this week


If you work in an Apple Store, you're either about to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for an all-hands retail meeting later this week, or you already have. The meetings are generally held Sunday evenings after the stores close.

While nobody is quite sure what the all-hands meeting will be about, it's unlikely that it will focus on the new MacBook Pro models that are expected to appear on Thursday unless the new laptops are actually going to show up next week. If history repeats itself, as it usually does in Apple Retail land, we'd be expecting to see a new iPad within the next two months -- the original iPad launched on April 3, 2010. Perhaps the meeting is going to be used to introduce a new iPad with a front-facing camera, Mini DisplayPort, more speed and other rumored improvements.

Whatever the topic of the meeting, it's pretty sure that some disgruntled Apple Store employee will spill the beans if anything spicy is announced. Your friendly TUAW bloggers will be here waiting to listen -- just use our Send Tips & Feedback link in the site navigation bar above to let us know what you hear.

Update: MacRumors is reporting that the meeting is a regularly scheduled quarterly meeting for retail employees and should not entail specific details about new products.

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