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Exclusive: RIFT details Chloromancer soul

Jef Reahard

There's something about the suffix -mancer that fires the imagination of creative types everywhere. We've seen Neuromancers, Pyromancers, Aeromancers, and now, thanks to Trion, the Chloromancer. Taking its name from chlorophyl (the green pigment found in plant life), RIFT's Chloromancer is a healing soul that draws energy from the natural world.

While the class deals a bit of damage, much of its offensive power is sacrificed in favor of channeling energy into healing spells. The Chloromancer also lacks crowd control abilities, making it vulnerable to focused enemy attacks. The class earns its keep by recycling destructive magic to mend its allies and is also able to remove harmful status effects and resurrect fallen comrades.

Check out the new images in the gallery below and head past the cut for more details.

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Chloromancer Overview

The Chloromancer is a healing specialist who draws on the vital energies of plants and nature to find a balance between life and death. They harness these energies into a devastating force, or recycle destructive magic to heal their allies.


All damage dealt by the Chloromancer can be converted into healing for their allies. They can also cleanse harmfull effects and resurrect allies both in and out of combat.


Arcane magic does not lend itself to healing, and the Chloromancer sacrifices damage and utility in order to control the flow of Life energy. Unable to deal devastating blows or apply crowd control, they are easily overwhelmed by a determined foe.


Kamuzu Sagta rode with the rest of the refugees as they fled Eboni, the charmed city, where the great golden dragon Laethys and her ogre minions had enslaved the population. Kamuzu was a Mage of considerable power and standing. He had been told by the Golden Maw that mortals who knew their place would be allowed to keep their positions of power if they but worshiped the dragon.

Knew his place! Kamuzu had plotted equations of planar convergence when he was a mere child. He bowed to no mortal, dragon, or god. The same could not be said of his countrymen. Kamuzu looked at the shaman who rode next to him, draped in reeking furs, his wild beard dipped in some kind of horrid animal emulsion. The uncouth holy man wiped off the grease from the shank of yarnosaur he chewed on his bare chest.

Kamuzu had thought him a vagrant until townsmen came and prostrated at his feet, begging him for assistance. "To think that we escaped the domination of one otherworldly being only to willingly chain ourselves to another," thought Kamuzu. "Though I suppose if my daughter lay dying from an ogre's spear, I might consider supplication as well."

This realization haunted Kamuzu. His eldritch equations had unlocked every mystery in Telara other than how to improve the mortal condition. Settling on the southern shore of the Lake of Solace, he turned his full attention to the problem of arcane healing. He gathered any sample he could from the Plane of Life, and his lab began to resemble a faetouched alien jungle.

Kamuzu's peers thought his quest mad, and in their learned circles they even held a game to choose the right name for a Mage with his outlandish ideas, finally deciding upon "Chloromancer." Nonetheless, Kumuzu could dream in the eldritch script of magic, and eventually he unlocked the pathways to power over Life.

But there was a catch.

The energies of Life could not be created, only transferred. When a cleric healed wounds they were not channeling raw life energy, but the essence of the god or spirit to whom they prayed. If Kamuzu were to heal a man on the brink of death, he would find his own life in peril - a sacrifice he was not willing to make. Disappointed, Kamuzu turned his attention to an uprising to take back his beloved city of Eboni.

Kamuzu arrived at Eboni after the battle began, but watched events carefully as he approached. Witnessing the ebb and flow of combat, how one side grew strong as the other weakened, the Mage found inspiration.

Arriving on the battlefield, Kamuzu siphoned life force from the ogres, easily dispatching them. Overflowing with more energy than he could control for long, he carefully radiated it out at the warriors guarding his position. The wounded healed, while the freshly dead revived and rejoined the fray. Kamuzu was struck by the elegance of it all. All he needed to give Life was more Life, and in his enemies he had endless unwilling volunteers. The rebels, bolstered by healing that destroyed their foes, charged forward and drove the Golden Maw from Eboni.

Kamuzu Sagta was venerated, not as a priest, but as one of the first great Eth Mages. He taught his art and philosophy of mortal empowerment to the students who flocked to the charmed city. And when the great golden dragon was brought low, it was his equations and thaumaturgy that bound her in place.


"Bow to no one, mortal or divine, for the cosmic secrets are open to all. After all, you need no god to show you that the antelope must die for the lion to live."

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