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Guild Wars 2 Norn week continues with new voice clips

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

The second installment of Norn week has arrived to the ArenaNet blog, and it seems to be following the pattern of last week's human focus in this Guild Wars 2 series.

As with last week, day two brings us a series of voice clips to augment the short paragraphs about the Norn outlook on their surroundings. Both the text and audio both included some interesting new insights into lore that we're already familiar with. Each Guild Wars 2 race seems to have its own "dark" or "rebellious" faction -- the Sons of Svanir in this case.

There are a few mentions of this faction highlighting how the other Norn reluctantly accept its members in day to day life. Check out the full entry on ArenaNet's blog as Norn week continues!

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