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Joymax merges with WeMade Entertainment

Jef Reahard

Free-to-play MMO gamers are probably familiar with Joymax, or more specifically, the company's flagship Silkroad Online MMORPG. In a press release earlier today, the Korean gaming firm announced that it has joined forces with WeMade Entertainment (a dev house responsible for The Legend of Mir 2 and 3, the latter of which boasts 350,000 concurrent users).

The new entity will retain the Joymax name, and CEO Kwan Ho Park says the merger is a shot in the arm for the Joymax brand. "Together with WeMade's development team and the recent partnership with Dragonfly, the co-developer of QuakeWars Online, we now have all the components to create the best and most compelling games for players across North America, Europe and Asia."

Silkroad Online, launched in 2004, is just the beginning for Joymax. The company has also announced that it plans to leverage WeMade's development expertise to launch a new global gaming portal in the spring.

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