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Nomad capacitive brush turns your iPad into an art canvas for $24 (video)

Darren Murph

We didn't have much luck using the oStylus as a paint brush, but even the creator confessed that it was never intended for such chores. Thankfully, the Nomad Brush was concocted specifically for those chores. What you're looking at above is a paint brush that's designed for use with capacitive screens, and it could very well spark a modern day renaissance... or something of the sort. The brush is topped with capacitive fibers that the iPhone, Galaxy Tab and iPad (among other tablets and phones) can recognize, enabling you artsy folk to express yourselves even when it's impractical to tote around a suitcase full of watercolors. Head on past the break for an (admittedly impressive) video, and pop the source link to hand over $24 in exchange for a shipping label. Just promise us you'll keep it away from any actual paint buckets, okay?

Update: Looks like there's a cheaper alternative floating around from Blackbox, if you're down for it.

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