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Rumor: iPhone 5 to land in September


In a research note, analyst Craig Berger of FBR Capital markets makes the bold claim that the iPhone 5 will not launch until September, a timing that overlaps with Apple's annual iPod refresh. Berger writes,

"we think a September launch is more likely, off from Apple's traditional iPhone launch schedule, but giving the firm more time to enhance its next-generation instant communications on the phone."
To back up this claim, Berger cites reports from Asian parts suppliers that are still ramping up their production of casings and touch panels for the iPhone 5. According to Berger, some chip vendors still have not received orders from Apple, and other component suppliers, such as those for the image sensor, have not been determined. Combined, these various reports paint a picture of a device that may not be ready for a large volume launch within four to five months.

Keep in mind that this information is based upon one analyst's interpretation of information obtained from his market sources. While analysts are sometimes correct with their predictions, they are often wrong. A survey of earnings predictions shows that independent financial bloggers are often better than professional analysts at predicting Apple's quarterly financial earnings.

To further cast doubt on this September launch, the Loop chimed in with its rebuttal that claims this rumor and the iPad rumor from earlier today are false. The take home message here is to regard this report with a grain of salt and assume the June iPhone 5 launch is a go until we receive additional evidence that suggests otherwise.

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