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SouthPeak posts $2.1 million quarterly loss, future uncertain


Despite reclaiming rights to the My Baby franchise last year, SouthPeak continued to decline into potential insolvency during the second quarter (ending December 31, 2010) of its current fiscal year. Net revenue for the quarter was just $7.5 million, down $2.6 million from the same period the year before -- not that the company was profitable then, either. Despite revenues being down, however, SouthPeak's total losses for the recent quarter -- $2.1 million -- were actually an improvement of $500K over second quarter losses in the previous fiscal year. (That's one way to put a kind of positive spin on the company's bleak state of affairs.)

As businesses tend to do in desperate times, SouthPeak assuaged investor concerns in its report with forward-looking statements that forecast a bright future for the publisher. Though no specific projects are mentioned, apparently "SouthPeak has also invested in key new titles from which the anticipated profits should help improve its financial prospects." Of course, the report also adds a far more grim disclaimer: "While the Company is committed to pursuing options to continue to address its viability as a going concern, there can be no assurance that the Company's efforts will prove successful." Not exactly confidence inspiring, folks.

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