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The Daily Grind: Are multi-month subscriptions worth it?


When Trion Worlds offered RIFT pre-order packages, all of them granted players the option to buy into special "Founder's Subscription Plans." While pre-orders players could opt for the normal $14.99/month pricing, by purchasing multiple month subscription packages, they could get a decent discount. So if you pay $35.97 for a three-month package, you're effectively getting a $11.99/month subscription price; likewise, a $59.94 payment for a six-month block translates into a $9.99/month fee.

RIFT is hardly the only MMO that offers discounts on multi-month subscriptions. DC Universe Online and Warhammer Online tempt players with discounted fees when game time is purchased in bulk, for example. While the studios stand to lose some revenue from these discounts, they can come out ahead by enticing customers to purchase time they may or may not actually use, especially when you consider that the average retention rate for an MMO is around six months.

So what do you think: Are multi-month subscriptions worth the cost up front in exchange for the discount? Or is it a risky proposition that locks you into a game you may not be interested in after a few months just to save a few bucks?

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