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Apple reportedly reduces iPad 2 production volume target


WIth an announcement of a second-generation iPad just around the corner, Digitimes is reporting that Apple's volume targets for the new device have been set lower.

While both Apple and iPad manufacturer Foxconn are mum on the subject, Digitimes stated that the forecasted manufacturing run for the iPad 2 for the period ending March 31 is now set at about 300,000 - 400,000 units compared to earlier estimates that were in the range of 400,000 - 600,000 units.

Some earlier rumors expressed concern over the ability of display suppliers to achieve the yield goals set by Apple, but Digitimes reports that since the company has three manufacturers to back up the supply of touch screen displays, that is not likely to cause delays in the shipment of the iPad 2.

Digitimes also noted that most upstream component suppliers (the manufacturers of components used by Foxconn to assemble the iPad) have not received word of a reduction in the iPad production volume target, and that Apple has been reducing the production of the original iPad in anticipation of the newer model being produced. Should Apple's suppliers not be able to meet the production goals, there could be shortages of the new iPad 2 in the short run.

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