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Rush'N Attack: Ex-Patriot launching last week of March on PSN, XBLA


The most unnerving thing about the impending Rush'N Attack is that we've never quite known when to expect it. To make matters worse, updates went cold just as soon as we learned of the new threat -- a plot 25 years in the making. Konami has alleviated some of our anxiety -- or perhaps just the opposite -- by confirming with Joystiq that the new Rush'N Attack is indeed going down ... loadable at the end of March. Yikes!

Rush'N Attack: Ex-Patriot is scheduled to strike PlayStation Network on Tuesday, March 29, followed by its launch on Xbox Live Arcade one day later (March 30); at which point you can take a stab at it for $10 (800 points).

Developed by Vatra Games (Silent Hill: Downpour), this sequel to the 1985 Cold War platformer drew comparisons to Shadow Complex when it was first unveiled last April. While certain similarities are undeniable (both are Unreal Engine games in 2.5D), Ex-Patriot is actually set in a Siberian prison complex. So it's totally different until you infiltrate the nuclear weapons base.

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