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The Classifieds: Subatomic Particles


Guild videos are always fun; they're a wonderful way to show your guild spirit, recruit new folks, and generally celebrate the good times you have in the World of Warcraft. The guild <is a Subatomic Particle> is celebrating their third anniversary with exactly this kind of video. In the quick roundup of excellence, you get to see fun with rockets, ogres racing around Ironforge, and other shenanigans. Check it out, congratulate those folks, and enjoy the good times.

Random Acts of Uberness

It's when another player lights up your night with precise play, a wicked sense of humor or unexpected generosity that your login becomes something to remember. Share your Random Acts of Uberness with Keep things brief (150 words or less, please), and be sure to list everyone's character names and home realms or battlegroup.

Employment: Guild recruitment

Looking for more? Send in your guild name, realm, a link to your guild website or armory listing and a sentence or two on your guild's focus (10-man, RP, late-night raiding, whatever) to

Late night "<Language Barrier> of Skywall (US-H) is a late night raid guild with many players who have been together since Vanilla. We are not elitist and do not hold everyone to elitist standards. If you don't have an Onyxia Scale cloak you can still raid with us! Our raid times are 8:30-11:30 PST (server time). We have openings for many ranged classes at the moment and all healers except Paladins. If you're looking for a guild with some fun and extremely quality players, we are the guild for you!"

Open Protest "<Protest the Hero> of Undermine: Our guild's focus is on having fun playing the game, it is a casual guild with a fun environment. Too often when playing wow the responsibilities stemming from the guild or progression goals or even personal objectives gets in the way of enjoying the game you are playing. If you want to have some fun again, come join my friends and I in Protest the Hero."

Unseen "<The Unseen> of Kilrogg (US-A): is a post-Cata created guild. We are warm guild filled with mature players that believes in helping each other towards success. ... We are currently recruiting and we welcome folks who love to have fun. We're also recruiting for our 10-man raid team, we are in need of a tank, a hunter and a holy paladin. If you love to have fun with a great set of folks who believe in each other and are true team players, whether it be raiding, holiday events, achievements and so forth, The Unseen wants you."

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