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Chime Super Deluxe soundtrack fully pieced together


UK dev Zoë Mode is in the final stretch of completing its upgraded version of Chime for PSN, aptly titled Chime Super Deluxe. As the puzzler takes shape, its maker has revealed the remaining artists who'll feature on the soundtrack -- which remixes dynamically in the game based on the placement of blocks and completion of each puzzle.

Joining the likes of Moby, Orbital and Phillip Glass is human beatboxer Shlomo, with his track, "The Looping Song," written exclusively for the game. Electronica duo Plaid rounds out the bunch with another exclusive "Tender Hooks." Plaid says it was "keen to push the Chime engine for this composition" and that it's "based around loops written in 5/4 and 2/4 time allowing the track to switch between these time signatures to emphasize the gamers' progress through the level."

Now if only Zoë Mode would announce a release date, it'd be music to our ears. You'll find some music for your ears in the new trailer for the game, after the break.

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Second wave of world class musical talent revealed for Chime Super Deluxe

Human beatboxer extraordinaire Shlomo and British electronica duo Plaid complete the stellar artist line-up for forthcoming music creation puzzle game

BRIGHTON, UK – 23rd February 2011 - Zoë Mode Entertainment, an independent multi-format game developer, are excited to reveal the remaining line-up of brand new artists and their never-before-heard tracks for Chime Super Deluxe, releasing exclusively on PlayStation®Network for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system this Spring.

For Chime Super Deluxe Zoë Mode were keen to work closely with artists to create music designed with the game in mind, perfectly illustrated by the collaborations unveiled today.

"The Looping Song" was created exclusively for Chime Super Deluxe at Zoë Mode's Brighton recording studio by Shlomo, one of the world's finest human beatboxers who, as well as being the first ever World Loopstation Champion, has provided his vocal talents for the likes of Jarvis Cocker, DJ Yoda, Mad Professor and Bjork.

Talking about how "The Looping Song" came about, Shlomo said, "I'm a beatboxer but also a keen looper, so we plugged in my loopstation and started jamming. It's actually kind of like a two part song - the first section is super chilled and then it gets more hyper. We had a lot of fun making the song and I'm really stoked it's going to be in the game."

Completing the track line-up for Chime Super Deluxe is "Tender Hooks" by British electronic music duo Plaid comprised of long-time friends Andy Turner and Ed Handley. Now on Warp Records and with an extensive and highly regarded body of work to their name, Plaid has a devoted clan of worldwide followers.

Plaid have spent much of the last few years making film soundtracks to compliment their catalogue, including the award winning Japanese animated feature 'TekkonKinkreet' and the Japanese live action film 'Heaven's Door', but once they knew about Chime Super Deluxe they jumped at the chance to be involved in creating music for a video game.

Andy Turner of Plaid describes how their track, composed specifically for Chime Super Deluxe came to life. "We were keen to push the Chime engine for this composition. "Tender Hooks" is based around loops written in 5/4 and 2/4 time allowing the track to switch between these time signatures to emphasize the gamers' progress through the level.

"We chose a musical key that we hope feels driving and has a sense of urgency. We wanted the players input to be the biggest part of the track and so we made the 'block' sound the dominant lead; having it triggering randomly to emulate game play whilst we wrote the interchangeable loops that should provide a rich texture underneath. Hopefully this will focus the player on their game rather than distracting them and we hope they enjoy their part in writing "Tender Hooks" as much as we have ours."

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