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Gears of War 3 gold Retro Lancer to be exclusive multiplayer beta unlock


Aside from the opportunity to test out Gears of War 3's multiplayer before its retail release, the forthcoming beta will feature at least one additional incentive for Gears heads to enter: an unlockable, gold-plated version of the Retro Lancer (modeled above by Cole Train). This new (old) rifle, with bayonet, made a cameo appearance in Gears 2 and will feature in the new game.

Epic hasn't decided exactly how the gold Retro Lancer will be unlocked in the beta for use in the retail version of Gears 3, but, during a press event this week, producer Rod Fergusson offered a rough idea of what it might take. "If you play -- right now, we're still fiddling with the numbers -- but right now we're talking like 90 matches," Fergusson said. "If you play 90 matches and get, say, 100 kills with [the Retro Lancer] weapon, [the gold version is] yours. There's no other place to get it." Fergusson also promised there would be additional unlockables in the beta, though he didn't go into specifics.

The Gears of War 3 multiplayer beta will launch in mid-April, when early access opens to owners of the limited-run, "Epic Edition" of Bulletstorm, available now.

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