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Happy Birthday, Steve Jobs


While there has been a lot of Apple news today, we can't forget that one of the founders of the company, Steve Jobs, has a birthday. Yep, Steve turns 56 today, and health concerns aside, we hope he has a great one.

Over the years he's had a profound influence on our daily lives. From revolutionizing the computer industry to unleashing the creatitve power of Pixar to re-inventing Apple and making it a powerhouse of consumer electronics innovation, Mr. Jobs has almost been a national spokesperson for innovation and good design. A savvy businessman and astute judge of what works and what doesn't when it comes to user-centric design, I think we all owe Steve a debt of gratitude for his uncompromising character and attention to detail.

On the next page there's a YouTube tribute video that is short but sweet, plus a few links to some other videos of Steve throughout the years. Happy birthday, Mr. Jobs!

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