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MacDec provides another way to combine keyboard and Magic Trackpad


There's a growing number of devices that allow Mac users to combine their keyboards and Magic Trackpads into a single unit. Steve Sande took a look at TwelveSouth's MagicWand not long ago.

But if you have the money to spare and want something really sleek -- and expensive -- thodio will sell you the MacDec, a thick slab made out of wood or acrylic that will hold your devices securely in place with the aid of eight powerful magnets. The wood MacDecs run roughly $138 and the acrylic around $165 -- the original prices are in Euros.

Unlike the MagicWand, which places the Magic Trackpad to the side of the keyboard, the MacDec orders them in a laptop-like configuration, actually in the shape of a 15-inch MacBook Pro.

[Via Wired]

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