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NZ earthquake hits Mac/iOS devs; Dejal Software creates relief effort


The magnitude 6.3 earthquake that hit Christchurch, New Zealand on Tuesday has caused incredible damage and hit close to home for many of us at TUAW. Developer David Frampton (@majicdave on Twitter) from Majic Jungle Software had a particularly scary few days. Although Dave lives in Wellington on the North Island, his mother Ann Bodkin was trapped in rubble for several days before being rescued. We were thrilled to read Dave's tweet when she was close to being rescued: "Mum is alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still trapped, but talking to rescuers. So so unbelievably happy and relieved."

Another developer and regular on the TUAW Talkcast is Layton Duncan (@polarbearfarm) from iOS development house Polar Bear Farm. Layton was at work when the earthquake hit, and he quickly started sending photos and videos via Twitter. You can see his office in the photo above, and read about his experience on his blog. We were very glad to see that he made it through the devastating quake unharmed, and we can't wait to talk with him on the next Talkcast.

Relief efforts will continue for some time, and New Zealand expat developer David Sinclair's Dejal Software (@dejal) is helping out with an incredible deal -- he's donating 100 percent of all profits from the sales of his Mac Apps (Simon, TimeOut, Caboodle and BlogAssist) between now and Sunday to rescue and relief efforts in New Zealand.

Here's your chance to do good and get some great software at the same time. Many thanks from those of us at TUAW to David Sinclair and Dejal for this wonderful outreach to the people of New Zealand.

Photo by Layton Duncan

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