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TERA producer talks console controllers

Jef Reahard

Love them or loathe them, it seems console controllers and MMORPGs are a match increasingly made in developer heaven. DC Universe Online was designed from the ground up to allow players to toss their keyboards, and now En Masse Entertainment's TERA is looking to join the party, according to a new dev diary by producer Stefan Ramirez.

Ramirez details the genesis of the TERA controller experiment, outlining its tentative beginnings through a successful demo at last year's Game Developer Conference. "We were very excited to see that people wanted this. TERA's combat is something that can be played on both the keyboard and mouse, and controller, equally. It's fun, fast, and just plain feels right," he recently told GameZone.

Ramirez acknowledges that some testers (and En Masse devs) still prefer the traditional mouse/keyboard combo, but he also hints at something of a minor revolution in MMO control schemes, thanks to the pairing of TERA's action combat with the player's choice of controller. "This could help blur that [PC vs. console] line a little more," he says.

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