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The WoW Insider Show Episode 182.5: This week in WoW news


Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to a new edition of the WoW Insider Show. Every Friday morning, Mat McCurley will bring to you a recap of all the major WoW news and opinions from the week in a short, 7- to 15-minute podcast, perfect to listen to as you drive to work. Think NPR, but for WoW.

This is a special edition, though, one that we put together this morning since patch 4.1 just dropped on the PTR. Eventually, we'd like to see these Friday morning news podcasts be recorded live on uStream or Justin.TV and include some video or still pictures. For right now, this podcast is going to be on the main podcast's stream on iTunes -- although we may separate the two some time in the future. We have a lot of ideas, and we hope you'll enjoy coming along for the ride.

And don't worry about the main podcast -- that will still be brought to you every Tuesday, with regular hosts Mike Sacco, Matt Rossi, and Mat McCurely. The podcast won't be changing a bit; we're just adding something extra for all you that like to take your ears for a spin!

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