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Windows Phone 7 getting six weeks of 'Must Have Games' this Spring, Fable Coin Golf in March


Microsoft is treating its phone platform like a console, planning a release "event" for its Xbox Live games on Windows Phone 7. This spring, Microsoft's mobile platform will get six weeks of "Must Have Games," including Plants vs. Zombies, Hydro Thunder, Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, Doodle Jump and more. The press release reiterates that the games, like all Xbox Live games on the platform, include Achievements and leaderboards.

The platform will also be the exclusive home to Fable Coin Golf. Available in March, Coin Golf will let you transfer gold earned in the game to either the PC or console versions of Fable 3. Connecting the console and mobile game will also unlock "three exclusive weapons that can be used in the Traitor's Keep game add-on."

The announcement coincides with the expansion of the Windows Phone platform to another carrier in the US. Sprint's HTC Arrive is the first WP7 device for the carrier, and will be available in March.

Update: WinRumors indicates that Angry Birds will be among the WP7 releases during the "Must Have Games" promotion.

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