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World of WarCrafts: Warcraft tattoos

Anne Stickney

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Tattoos can be fun, if painful. Sometimes they act as reminders of special times in our lives; sometimes they are odes to people or things that we love. I have a couple myself, though none Warcraft-inspired as of yet. I keep thinking about that Horde symbol, though ...

Today on World of WarCrafts, we've got a few updates to our Warcraft tattoo gallery and a few words from Eldomon of <Skull marks the Treasure> from the Darkmoon Faire server (EU-H). Check out the gallery below for the new additions as well as tattoos from times past, and follow us after the break for more!

Gallery: WoW Tattoos | 25 Photos

Why a Warcraft tattoo?

What makes a person pick up a Warcraft tattoo? "I've been working on a book about Warcraft from a literary and sociological study point, and during that study, I wound up writing a chapter on the way it structures both factions just like sports teams. This has really gone to a new level in Cataclysm, where the themes of loyalty, honour and so on are bound in with the factions. So I thought, why not treat your faction just like a football team," Eldomon explained.

"People get tattoos of their football team to show the exact same type of dedication and loyalty to their teams. Perhaps it's down to Garrosh. Something about him just inspires the characters in the game, so what's not to love?" he said. So was this Eldomon's first tattoo? "The tattoo itself was my first, certainly not my last (I doubt I'll get another Warcraft one though -- one's enough!), and I already have ideas for a second," he said.

"Given how people had talked before about them being painful, I was amazed how much it wasn't. It was mildly annoying and scratchy to get, but I've had dental work that was more painful," he admits. "If that's the only reason people have to not get one, definitely reconsider and go for it!"

Reader Fie went with something a little larger and a little more ornate. This black dragon covers the length of Fie's back and then some! "Not much of a story behind it, other than being a fan of Twincruiser's artwork," Fie said.

Twincruiser is better known as Michel Koiter, one of the Sons of the Storm. Michel passed away in March of 2004, but his memory lives on in game at the Shrine of the Fallen Warrior located in the Northern Barrens. His artwork has also been preserved on the Sons of the Storm website, including the piece of artwork used for Fie's tattoo. You can read more about Michel Koiter on the Sons of the Storm website, as well as take a look at the gorgeous illustrations he produced in his gallery.

Whether they were procured on a whim or for sentimental reasons, tattoos are a constant source of eye-catching art. Do you have a piece of Warcraft ink? Send it in -- we'd love to add it to our gallery!

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