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3D music video was shot with two iPhone 4s


Forget about the Android-powered LG Optimus 3D with its fancy 3D camera, all you need to make a 3D video is a couple of people, two iPhone 4s, and a healthy dose of enthusiasm for filming. The folks at Atomic Cheesecake productions were up to the challenge and put together a 3D music video recorded entierly using the iPhone 4 and its five-megapixel camera.

The 3d indie video aficiandos put together a semi-fancy rig to align the two iPhone 4s so they could record video and combine the two streams to create a 3D effect. The cameras on the pair of iPhones were controlled by the Almost DSLR app which gives your precise control over the individual settings of the camera. A little bit of post-processing to perfect the 3D and director Ryan Suits has an interesting and innovative video.

The video was produced for musician Luke Hagendorf who is using it for his song Changes We Don't Understand. The 3D video requires those red and cyan glasses to enjoy the full 3D effect but, with or without galsses, you can check out his 3D test video and the music video after the break. Enjoy!

[Via Tecca]

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