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Apple's cheez-tastic 1984 disco promo video


For the viewing pleasure of those folks who were tuned into TUAW TV Live on Wednesday, February 16, we had a little disco inferno going. Tipped by a reader about a godawful Apple marketing film titled "We Are Apple: Leading The Way," it was so bad it just had to be good. Now we have a few more facts, including that this video was shown at the introduction of the Mac.

There are some memorable moments -- like a guy carrying a 60-lb. Apple Lisa under his arm like it was a MacBook Air. Most of all, it's the screechy Irene Cara-like disco soundtrack, heavily copying from "What a Feeling" from the movie Flashdance, that makes your stomach churn.

CrunchGear noted that the poster on YouTube noted that Apple dealers in attendance were so excited by the video that they ran to the pay phones (pre-mobile days, of course) to call their stockbrokers with AAPL buy orders. Here's hoping that their market savvy was better than their taste in music videos.

The video can be viewed in all of its tacky glory by clicking the Read More link.

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