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Crysis 2 multiplayer demo comes back to Xbox 360 on March 1


We already knew the Crysis 2 demo was destined for the PC on March 1 (and the PS3 sometime "soon"), but EA confirms today that it'll also be returning to the Xbox 360. The multiplayer demo, for those who didn't get a chance to try it out on the Xbox 360, features two maps and two different game modes: "Pier 17" and "Skyline" are a dilapidated dock and series of NYC rooftops, respectively, while Team Instant Action is your standard team deathmatch variant and Team Crash Site is an objective-based mode where players must find and capture designated areas for points.

Additionally, EA reveals that the initial Xbox-exclusive demo was downloaded over 1.7 million times. For a new trailer and the full press release, hit stealth mode and sneak on past the break.

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New Xbox 360 and PC Demo Hits on March 1; PlayStation 3 Demo Coming Soon

With only a month to go before the release of Crysis 2 – one of the most hotly anticipated games of 2011, EA and Crytek are pleased to confirm that a new Crysis 2 multiplayer demo for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system and PC is coming March 1. The PlayStation®3 demo is coming soon. Crysis 2's dynamic multiplayer is built around the franchise's signature Nanosuit, an advanced exoskeleton giving every player super powers that will allow them to be strong, be invisible and be fast on the battlefield.

Last month over 1.7 million players downloaded an early multiplayer demo on Xbox 360. Since then, Crytek has taken player feedback to help improve the experience even more.

All versions of the new demo will include two maps, "Skyline" and "Pier 17", as well as two modes "Team Instant Action" and "Crash Site". Crysis 2 multiplayer will include six intense, action-fueled gameplay modes: Instant Action, Team Instant Action, Crash Site, Capture the Relay, Extraction and Assault, set across 12 maps in Crytek's visually stunning recreation of the Big Apple. Players will advance through a deep progression system of 50 levels, earning a variety of upgrades along the way for weaponry and the Nanosuit itself, rewarding long-term players with tactical advantages that increase their speed, strength and stealth abilities even more.

Critics have already provided high praise for Crysis 2 multiplayer, with Game Informer saying "Crytek's approach to using the Nanosuit in competitive play is brilliant" and Official Xbox Magazine reporting that "with it's amazing new battlesuit, Crysis 2 gives you the weapons and the will to take multiplayer to a whole new level."

Crysis 2 arrives on the Xbox 360 computer and videogame system, PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system and PC on March 25 in the UK. For more information, visit the official game website at, the official Crysis community web site at, follow the development team on Twitter at or on Facebook at

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