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Mayhem begins this March on Xbox 360 and PS3


Mayhem, an arcade racer we caught on radar recklessly announcing itself last October, is now officially set for March. The Xbox 360 and PS3 game will get you behind the wheel at a budget price of $40 and plans to get in-your-face with 3D gameplay. You won't even need a fancy TV for the popping visuals, the game is rockin' it old schoool, Rad Racer-style with glasses in the box.

The game will feature a "noir comic book aesthetic" (i.e. Sin City-style, MadWorld), four car-crunching game modes and 120 vehicles. It'll also have players accumulating "Mayhem Points" for their disorderly driving on the track, which can be used to unlock new levels.

Mayhem is being developed by Left Field Studios, the developer behind Excitebick 64 and SCORE International: Baja 1000 -- the latter of which we only remember because of that fun box art lawsuit.

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