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New EVE forums available for testing


Last month, CCP Alice from EVE Online's web-development team revealed that the official EVE forums would be getting a complete revamp as part of the ongoing Incursion expansion. The new forums will have several advanced features, including a powerful search feature, a "Like" button next to posts, and the ability to subscribe to an RSS feed of search results. The new forums are nearing completion and, in true CCP style, developers have released them for public testing and feedback-gathering before they go live.

Developers need your help to make sure the forums are everything you expect. Head over to EVE Gate and sign in to give the new forums a test. If you've noticed anything wrong with the new forum, or even if you just have a suggestion for a change you'd like to see made, leave your feedback in the New Forum Feedback Portal. The web-development team is adding highly supported ideas to a review list for further development. When the new forums come in, the old forums will remain as a locked backup in its current location on the EVE website.

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