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Ouch! Consumer Reports slams the Verizon iPhone 4

Mel Martin

Not the most breathtaking revelation, but Consumer Reports won't put the Verizon iPhone 4 on its list of recommended smartphones. The Verizon iPhone joins the AT&T model in earning the ad-free publication's lack of enthusiasm.

The problems cited are the same as those that led to the original criticism of the GSM iPhone 4. Put a finger on the gap between antennas and the signal drops. In at least once instance, where there was a low signal, a call couldn't be placed while the gap was covered.

Other items of note involved voice quality. On the Verizon version, CR finds the voice quality superior when you make a call from it, but the testers thought the audio quality on received calls was better on the AT&T model.

Consumer Reports says most iPhone cases alleviate the antenna gap problem, but they are not about to recommend either phone. Apple had offered free cases to iPhone 4 buyers after the controversy last year, but that program has been discontinued. Apple has stated it will provide cases if customers experience issues.

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