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Siege in an all-new way with the Heroes of Gaia: Ascension expansion


Snail Games has officially announced the fourth expansion for its strategy game Heroes of Gaia. Ascension allows players to rise to five new levels of fame, access new cooperative instances, hire temporary mercenaries for castle sieges, and adopt three new command styles for castle development.

However, HoG is not done expanding. As Snail Games USA Director of Operations Mark Hill explains in a resent press release, "This is only the first of two major expansions we have planned for Heroes of Gaia. We have an extremely dedicated group of players on HoG, and we are proud to offer them these new and exciting ways to experience the game."

Let's get real: Who hasn't wanted to own a castle? Now you can, and with the new Ascension expansion, the developers have redesigned the tutorial and an adjusted novice gift pack, which will allow a new player to gain the skills and equipment he needs to compete with more veteran players. Check out all the latest on this and future expansions for Heroes of Gaia on the official website... and have fun storming the castle!

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