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New SpyParty video walkthrough sneaks around The Balcony, onto The Veranda


In case you didn't already know, SpyParty is being made by one dude -- ex-EA developer turned one-man indie studio, Chris Hecker. As we've been covering his game leading up to GDC, we asked if Hecker would perhaps give us a taste of the two new levels he'll be debuting at next week's show in video form. Normally, this might not be such a high-level request, but when you're one man with a family and a game to develop, well ... let's just say we really appreciate how late he stayed up last night.

Check out the full four-minute walkthrough of both "The Balcony" and "The Veranda" maps just after the break.

GDC won't be your only chance to check out the lastest SpyParty demo. Hecker will be making the cross-country trip to PAX East in March with the new build in tow. Just remember to play it cool!

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