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Microsoft announces budget-friendly Lifecam HD-3000 webcam, Comfort and Express mice

Tim Stevens

Digging the 1080p LifeCam Studio but don't feel like spending $100? Or, maybe you don't need all those p's? Microsoft has, for you and you alone, announced the new LifeCam HD-3000. It tops out at 720p but retails for a more palatable $39.95. Also newly announced is a trio of mice, first and most exciting being the $19.95 Express Mouse (above) which, according to Microsoft, has both the looks and the moves. We're not really sure what that means, but it is kind of funky looking with the offset cord your choice of six colors ranging from "Hibiscus Red" to "Dahlia Pink." For those who'd rather stick with something less-flowery there's the Comfort Mouse 3000 for the same price, similar features in a design less likely to stand out in the conference room. Or, cough up another $10 for the $29.95 Comfort Mouse 6000, pictured below. It gives up ambidextrous pretenses in favor of a more form-fitting shape and five whole buttons. Can you handle that many buttons? Yeah, you totally can.

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