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More Guitar Hero and DJ Hero DLC coming thanks to 'continued support' from fans

Though the DLC well for the Guitar Hero and DJ Hero franchises was supposed to dry up at the end of this month, it seems that Activision's not quite ready to retire the ol' pump (or bucket, depending on how old-timey the well in question is). The official Twitter feeds for both series have announced that more DLC is planned for their respective stores, citing "continued support" from their communities for the change in position.

Both feeds promised that more information about the new content is coming "soon" -- we'll let you know when we learn more. That is, after we scold Activision for playing with our emotions so recklessly. Seriously, this is like the time our parents told us our hamster died, and then a week later, told us that they were just kidding about the hamster thing, only we later found out that, yes, our hamster was actually totally dead the whole time.

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