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One Shots: Into the pool

When it comes to villainy in DC Universe Online, we don't often get a chance to see what the other side is like here on One Shots. As we find out today from our regular contributor, Redwense, life isn't too terribly bad when you're on the other side. In fact, it can actually be pretty swanky, as he notes -- both in-character and out: "And then Doctor Moxie felt it... a sudden urge to play pool. But alas, still adjusting to her new-found superpowers, she accidentally crushed the cue stick in her iron grip and shattered the table with her ice breath. Doctor Moxie faded back into the shadows, alone and ashamed. Nobody would play with her, anyway. So she plotted her rise as the next ruler of the known galaxy."

Out of character, he adds: "I have to hand it to the villains of DC Universe Online -- they know how to lend some personality to their safe houses. I was disappointed at the recycling of interiors, but I began to appreciate the little details that went into the general design of the areas, even if rough around the edges and needing some extra polish. Let's hope the developers continue to flesh out the world and the activities within it. (Maybe we can have that sadistic game of pool to determine who gets shot in the head?)"

If you'd like to share screenshots of your character -- with an in or out of character note -- we'd love to see them! Just email your image to us here at along with your name, the name of the game, and a description of what we're seeing. We'll post it out here and give you the credit!

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