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Samsung Moment gets Froyo upgrade -- without Samsung's or Sprint's help

Chris Ziegler

Though the Moment got an official upgrade to Android 2.1, it seems that Samsung's hospitality dried up there -- Froyo hasn't showed up, and considering the difficulty they've had getting the newer Epic 4G on 2.2, we wouldn't be holding our breath. Of course, that doesn't mean the hacking community isn't doing what it can to keep the Moment up to date, and to that end, the so-called SDX Froyo M900 project recently hit Release Candidate 1. It looks like virtually all of the major issues have been cleaned up, save for GPS (doesn't that always seem to be the weak spot on Sammy hardware?) -- so if you're dying for SD-based app installs, you're going to either want to take the plunge or keep a close eye on the effort.

[Thanks, Numus]

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