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Angry Birds getting St. Patrick's Day update


Rovio's "Mighty Eagle," Peter Vesterbacka, announced during his day-one GDC panel that -- unsurprisingly -- all major holidays will eventually be worked into themed updates for the company's mega-hit Angry Birds, including the upcoming St. Patrick's Day. According to Vesterbacka, the new content will be "very green" and "filled with more pigs than ever." The millions of Angry Birds addicts should be tickled pink by this news.

Speaking of addicts, Vesterbacka says that you (yes, you!) really like the option to buy the Mighty Eagle power-up. He reports that 40 percent of all players who've purchased Angry Birds since the "smart bomb" style, level-skipping item was introduced last December have bought it at least once -- at 99 cents a pop.

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