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Bit.Trip Runner's bits take the trip to Steam today


Bit.Trip Flux isn't the only release in Gaijin Games' abstract series to arrive today. While CommanderVideo's journey is ending today on WiiWare in Flux, his highly-choreographed run is just getting started on Steam with the debut of Bit.Trip Runner for PC and Mac. Gaijin announced the surprise SteamPlay port for release today, currently on sale for $9 (the price will bump up to $10 on March 8).

The Steam version of Runner features a graphical upgrade over the original WiiWare release to better showcase the IGF-nominated visual design, along with leaderboards, achievements and new Easy and Hard modes. According to Gaijin, Xbox 360 and Wii (via Bluetooth) controllers are supported, too, which is good -- forced keyboard controls wouldn't have been the best way to alter the difficulty level.

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