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CCP's CEO talks about upcoming EVE Fanfest

The party at the top of the world approaches, and some very excited (and lucky) EVE Online players are gearing up to head for Iceland to see the company, people, and land from which their favorite game originates. It's a pilgrimage many pilots look forward to enjoying each year. Whether it's hot PvP action, panels and roundtable discussions, or just the idea of getting to go pub crawling with CCP devs in an incredibly picturesque location, there's a ton for the EVE Online devotee to look forward to. For the non-EVE partners who go along, the Sisters of EVE tour similarly offers tons of interesting things to do.

As a lead-up to this year's extravaganza of all things EVE, CCP's CEO, Hilmar Veigar Pétursson (aka CCP Hellmar), has taken the time to pen a very interesting open letter to all who are attending or thinking of attending. His pride and passion for the game are nearly contagious. So if you're eager for more information on the upcoming Fanfest -- or are just killing time until you get to attend -- be sure to head over to the EVE Online site and check out Pétursson's open letter to the community.

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