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We're live from GDC 2011, in sunny San Francisco

If San Francisco suddenly seems a bit stranger and a bit more wonderful, it could be thanks to the global game development community's annual pilgrimage to the Game Developer's Conference. This year marks the conference's 25th anniversary and, to celebrate, it's featuring nearly a dozen classic gaming post-mortems like Prince of Persia, Maniac Mansion and Doom. That's in addition to our usual gauntlet of interviews, demos, meetings and late nights.

Stick around all week as we deliver the news straight from GDC 2011 – and be sure to be here Wednesday at 12PM ET for our liveblog of Satoru Iwata from Nintendo's GDC keynote and Wednesday night at 9:30PM ET for our liveblog of the always entertaining GDC and IGF awards.

Protip: Keep your browsers locked on our GDC-2011 tag to track all of our coverage.

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