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Media Molecule hiring programmer for 'portable platform' [update]

Though the handful of promotional videos for Sony's NGP have featured footage of a handheld version of Media Molecule's latest, LittleBigPlanet 2, the game's developer and publisher have remained mum about the series' next on-the-go installment. However, a recent hiring notice on the studio's front page gives us hope: The Guildford-based outfit is currently looking for a graphics programmer to work on a new title, which will land "on a portable platform."

It wouldn't be the first time the handcrafted platformer made its way to a handheld -- that would be SCE Cambridge Studio's LBP for PSP -- but the possibility of a totally in-house iteration of the franchise on Sony's next portable is enough to send shivers of excitment coursing through our entire body. We've contacted Media Molecule for a comment!

Update: Media Molecule co-founder Alex Evans responded, saying,"Well spotted! However, at the moment I'm afraid we've got nothing to announce regarding any projects... sorry. We'll have to leave the world speculating a little longer..."

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