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Milo's 'drama director' discusses emotion-capture

Milo and Kate -- Lionhead Studios' industry-wowing Kinect demo, first revealed at E3 2009 -- has been in limbo following last September's comment from Microsoft Game Studios boss Phil Spencer, who wasn't "convinced" the product would make it to market. We're still waiting with bated breath for news of some kind of playable implementation, but in the meantime, Milo's so-called "drama director," John Dower, has released a video diary featuring the real Milo (well, the mocap actor) and a behind-the-scenes look at creating the emotion within this would-be virtual boy.

Check out the video (which contains a fair share of gameplay footage) after the jump. We warn you, though: It's just as intriguing and exciting as the first time you saw "Project Milo," which might send you into uncontrollable spells of worry that a finished product will never materialize. As always, we'll keep our fingers crossed.

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