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PS3 shipments blocked in Europe as LG wins preliminary injunction

The struggle between hardware manufacturing juggernauts Sony and LG -- the latter of which claims that the PS3 infringes on a number of its patents relating to Blu-ray technology -- has finally drawn some blood. The civil court of justice in the Hague has granted LG a preliminary injunction for customs to seize and confiscate all PS3s coming into Europe (from manufacturing plants, etc.) for up to ten days. The Guardian reports that the collected consoles are temporarily being kept in Dutch warehouses until the case moves forward.

According to the Guardian, retailers are expected to have enough PS3s to last two to three weeks. Sony has the right to file an appeal to the patents office -- but far more than some boxed-up consoles collecting dust is on the line. Should the court ultimately rule in favor of LG, the console maker would be forced to compensate the company for every single PS3 sold around the world. We've contacted Sony for a comment.

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