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Rochard: a gravity-bending platformer for PSN, set in dead space


What would happen if you combined Mario and ... Dead Space's Isaac Clarke? He'd probably look something like John Rochard, star of the upcoming PSN platformer Rochard. Burt Kane, creative director at developer Recoil Games, describes John as "no marine or super soldier, but just a tough, ordinary miner with a mustache, placed in an extraordinary situation."

The lead character isn't the only Dead Space-ish aspect of the game: The trouble begins when the miners unearth "an ancient structure hidden deep in an asteroid." Although you won't be fighting Necromorphs in Rochard, you can expect a lot of zero-G moments. Using the "G-Lifter" (is that what Rochard is holding?), players "can lift and maneuver heavy objects around the environment," according to the press release, "and can eventually swing, jump and propel themselves huge distances throughout each level."

SOE will publish Rochard, but other details about the game are scant for now -- though we hope to get some hands-on time at GDC this week.

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