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TUAW interviews David Helgason of Unity (part one)


Unity is a game development tool that started on the Mac. Atypical at the time they launched (long before iOS made Mac-based development big again), Unity has grown by leaps and bounds and today not only runs on Macs or PCs, but can export games to nearly every major platform on the market, including Macs, iOS devices, Windows, Android, Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360.

I've been covering the company almost since the beginning (my first post on DownloadSquad about Unity, then called "Over the Edge Entertainment," dates back to 2005). I have to say it's always nice to see the underdog rise to a position of market relevance, especially when that company is comprised of a bunch of Mac nerds who had the guts to launch on the Mac first when everyone else made PC products.

On the next page is part one of my interview with co-founder and current CEO of Unity, David Helgason, where we talk about how Unity came about and how iOS deployment helped the company grow. We'll post part two tomorrow. For more on iOS games and gaming, be sure to check out our ongoing GDC coverage.

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