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Gameloft developing 4 multiplatform, Unreal Engine games for iOS, Android, PSN and set-top boxes


Gameloft's getting cozy with Unreal Engine 3, as the company has made known its plans to develop four new, unannounced games (well, we guess they're kinda announced now) powered by Epic's development suite. It's all part of a "long-term" deal between Epic and Gameloft, spanning multiple platforms. Two of these proposed titles will be available this year, while the other two are planned to drop in 2012.

"Gameloft is very pleased to partner with Epic, especially with their ability to stay ahead of the curve and continually place the best game engine technology in developers' hands at any given point in time," said Julien Fournials, Gameloft VP of production, in what we could only assume was one long, long breath. "Using Unreal Engine 3 allows us to push game visuals with remarkable lighting and high-fidelity environments. We are confident that players will enjoy the games powered by Unreal Engine 3."

Gameloft will release these games on "multiple mobile and downloadable" platforms, including iOS, Android, PlayStation Network and "set-top boxes."

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