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iPad 2: The rumor buzz


As Apple's March 2 iPad announcement draws near, the interwebs are alive with rumors. In no particular order, here's the buzz that we're seeing flick across our in-boxes today.

  • Will Apple produce a White iPad? That's what the 9 to 5 Mac blog thinks might happen, based on iPad parts they "acquired" early.
  • The Wall Street Journal suggests that the iPad 2 will be more streamlined than its big brother, with a thinner and lighter build. They're also expecting models for both AT&T and Verizon data plans.
  • iLounge is predicting dual-cameras. MacRumors has evidence that supports the much anticipated iPad camera scenario.
  • If you're looking for a louder iPad, Gizmodo believes the iPad 2 may deliver a larger speaker system along with a more streamlined iPod-styled back face.
  • PC Magazine notes that retail channels for the original iPad have begun to dry up, which may indicate an earlier shipping date than the more generally accepted early April timeframe, the anniversary of the original iPad.
  • Numerous websites including Cult of Mac are considering the possibility that tomorrow's iPad will be a "disappointing spec bump" with a major redesign happening later this year, perhaps six months down the line. Bringing the iPad into refresh synchrony with the iPod (and maybe the iPhone) could be a valuable change on Apple's part.
  • The Business Insider wonders if Apple will introduce a new Social App, perhaps linked to the iPad, and thinks that an iOS 5 announcement is very likely.

What other rumors are you reading about? Let us know in the comments.

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