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Ms. Splosion Man gameplay footage & screens are awfully frantic

We'd be hard pressed to think of platforming more frantic and dynamic than Splosion Man's most difficult segments -- though, to be fair, we hadn't seen these Ms. Splosion Man screenshots and video (after the jump) until, like, two minutes ago. The followup looks even more hectic than the franchise's first, masculine installment, and here's the kicker: The trailer was clipped from the game's first level. We shudder to think what those later levels are going to look like.

We only hope that Ms. Splosion's library of pop culture quips and, um ... other quotes ("Do I look fat in this?"; "Who left the toilet seat up again?") is extremely expansive. Those sound bites, if repeated too frequently, could approach Gex 64-esque levels of abrasiveness.

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