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Play Magazine rounds up haunting, embarrassing dev quotes


Play Magazine has realized every game director, producer and marketing flack's worst nightmare. The publication has dug up a collection of pre-release buzz quotes about games that failed to deliver on said hype.

Granted, nobody promotes a game by admitting how horrible it's going to be, but it's rare that we glimpse back at how so very wrong some stated expectations can be:
"We've listened to feedback and addressed the problems such as the targeting system, but we've also layered on what we did well the first time around. We listened to what we did well the first time round. We listened to what people liked and have given them more of it this time." –Brett Rector, producer, Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2
And how about these hauntingly prophetic words of a Bionic Commando dev:
"We want to make players open their minds because we believe that the new-gen isn't just about better graphics. But the gaming has to step up and go into a new direction. If we don't do that, we'll go out of business." –Ulf Andersson of shuttered developer GRIN
Play has more quotes on its website, with the full piece available in the next issue -- on sale now in Europe and available in the US around March 18.

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