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TUAW's Daily App: Hot Springs Story


Game Dev Story was one of my favorite iOS games of last year. It offered a full simulation, lots of polish and some well-done game industry satire all in one tidy package. Unfortunately, a few bigger high profile titles eventually overshadowed Game Dev Story by the end of 2010.
But developer Kairosoft is back on the App Store with a new app in North America called Hot Springs Story, and if you missed the fun simulation the first time around, here's your chance to take another look.

As you've probably already guessed, the games angle is gone, so you won't be crafting the latest megahit title for the hottest console; instead, you'll be building up a Japanese hot springs-style spa and resort. But the cute graphics and addictive game curve are still there in Hot Springs Story. You build one small thing to make some money, then you re-invest that money as wisely as you can in order to move on to the next big thing. Before you know it, you're running a full-fledged business.

The game's been out in Japan for a little while, and Kairosoft has only just released it on the US App Store with a new English translation. The game's currently on sale at $3.99; if you like the simulation-style gameplay in Game Dev Story (which itself has a free version) and can deal with building a spa instead of a game studio, give Hot Springs Story a look.

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