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Apple's Digital AV Adapter also works with iPhone 4, fourth-gen iPod touch, and first-gen iPad


In case you're wondering whether Apple's forthcoming Digital AV Adapter is worth your $39, you might be pleased to know that said HDMI dongle is also compatible with the latest crop of iOS devices before the iPad 2. This includes the iPhone 4, fourth-generation iPod touch, and even the first-generation iPad. Alas, both movies and slideshows will be capped at 720p output from these older devices, whereas the iPad 2 goes a little further with screen mirroring of up to 1080p -- we're guessing the beastly dual-core A5 chip is what makes the magic happen here, though movie output's also limited to 720p. And hey, we're only a few months away from finding out if the next iPhone will also get some 1080p love, so no pressure on buying this dongle just yet.

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